Thursday, May 9, 2013


So Craig and I have some big news!... No we are not pregnant :) gotcha though huh?? But both of us have sisters pregnant with their first babies due within a month of each other and we are so excited for the both of them! We do have big news though, even though everyone following our blog already knows but moving to Colorado is big and excited news for us:) we have a less than two months until we are officially out of Tucson forever! Not that we won't miss living close to my family and being able to drive a few hours to see them. But we are ready for new and excited adventures and looking forward to starting them soon!
     Since it has been really been  a while since I updated, Craig and I have callings in our ward. He is the Secretary in the Elder's Quarm Presidency and I started out teaching the CTR 8 class and then was released ( to my relief:).. I was starting to get stressed out like crazy... haha  by the way, praying to be released from a stressful calling does not guarantee you no more callings or a less stressful one... just in case you were wondering! I than promptly was called into the Primary Presidency. No words! But I have grown to love my calling and the wonderful women that I serve with. I have grown, gotten braver, stronger, a little more organized and I will miss being in Primary.
Good-bye Tucson!
    Craig and I both work for a organization called United Cerebral Palsy Association of Southern Arizona, its a respite, home care and habilitation provider type thing. We enjoy it a lot, and we have made some awesome friends while doing this work.
Hello Beautiful Colorado!
      We just finished another semester of college and hopefully we can start CSU in the next year or so, we have to prove that we are planning on staying in Colorado in order to not have to pay out of state tuition ( which is like double in state). Craig is going for his bachelor's in Sports Medicine, with a Masters and eventually a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I am going for my bachelor's in Nutrition and or Exercise Science, and my Master's and possibly my doctorate in Occupational Therapy. We one day hope to open a practice together, mostly for the excuse that we do not like being away from one another for more than five minutes at a time.We are excited to one day reach that goal! Idea names for our practice are always welcome and taken into consent. We are still not sure but we have some time. Well, I think that about covers it, hope all is going well with the world.

 Craig and Meg

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