Sunday, January 20, 2013

December Catch Up

Once Upon a December..

To start off, we gave our first try as a couple at Gingerbread houses, Roussel Style.. My mom sent us a Gingerbread making kit (Graham Crackers, icing and assorted candies) for our first Christmas because she knew that it was one of my favorite family traditions that I would want to do with our kiddos one day. He said he had fun but he spent more time grumbling that mine was better and more creative than his then he actually spent on his own. I actually like his better though:)

My House
 (He wrote I love you 2 on mine with a picture of an eye instead of  I....ya my husband is adorable)
Craig's House

Well we spent Christmas with Craig's family in Albuquerque, NM. We had a blast playing games, watching movies and just spending a relaxing time together. We also had the opportunity to do my Grandparents temple work while we were there. His parents came and helped with everything and it was a very special and sweet experience for me. Especially because I was not very close to my grandmother while she was alive but I feel like I was able to bond with her while doing her work.  I absolutely love the temple and all the joy and peace that it brings.

We started school back up this month, and are already wanting it to be over haha. Well be it as it may we have chosen career paths with longer education requirements... aka we are stuck. But we just need to be patient and have the faith that all will be well and that we can and will finish in the foreseeable future.

Lastly, moving.. We are moving in July and we can't wait! It doesn't seem to be coming but at the same time January is almost over and we are counting down! Still looking for places to live and jobs and such; but we feel that this is the right place for  us to be and we are so looking forward to what adventures will bring us!

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