Saturday, December 22, 2012

Funny moments in our life

       Absolutely love this man of mine. We have been married for almost seven months now and I can't believe how fast the time has flown. We've shared laughs, tears, trials and fears but I can't seem to get over how lucky I am to have him in my life. These are the rest of our bridal photos, done by Jess Roussel Photography:) We had a lot of fun taking them and many of them we were laughing at either Jess or Sky as they were just being their goofy selves. I am truly grateful for my loving family      and how well they seem to put up with me.

         Especially Craig, he was teasing me yesterday about changing my mind over and over again. Many women know and understand this concept of choosing the one you want at the moment but if it changes not caring but just going with the flow. All poor Craig could say was " I just don't understand how girls change their mind so much, I wonder if Heavenly Father feels this way sometimes". Oh how I do love him:). Even better though, was when we were watching the season finale of "The Voice" with some friends and Bruno Mars came on to sing. Craig said, "Wow the way that guy is dressed makes him look like Bruno Mars"... Everyone looked at him and said, well it is Bruno Mars. We all had a good laugh and he joked saying he knew that... Ha ha ha. Ya right hun:)
               But Christmas is just around the corner and all the presents are wrapped, mailed, and ready for Tuesday. Some how it doesn't feel like Christmas. I sort of feel like Charlie Brown. Wondering what Christmas is all about. I asked my Primary Class last week what they thought of when they thought of Christmas and all of them drew the nativity scene and all said Jesus. That really is it, we celebrate, Jesus Christ our Savior's birth. Oh how grateful I am that He chose to live a perfect life and be a sacrifice for me so I can one day return and live with my Heavenly Father for Eternity. Just as He has.

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  1. Super Cute!! I love you guys. And thanks for coming to girls' nights meghan! You are an awesome addition!