Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankful week one November 2nd-9th

Day 2

I am thankful for my sweet hardworking husband who has been pulling extra time so that we can survive. He is such a hard worker and a wonderful man. I will never fully understand just how luck I am to be his eternal companion because he shows me more and more everyday. I love him endlessly and I can't imagine a better life and eternity than the one I have with him :)
Day 3
I am thankful for my calling. I co-teach the (8 boys)sunbeams with another young mom in our ward, and even though I don't always feel like I have enough patience for them, they make me laugh almost every week. I love them all and will miss them the first of the year when they move up to the CTR 4. 
Day 4
I am thankful for spiritual promptings, the job that I work is dependent upon the amount of clients we have and my main client moved out of state and I lost at least 20 hours of work. Thankfully, Sunday night I felt like I should put in my application elsewhere. Monday I got the call about my client and I got a call for an interview on Tuesday. I am grateful for the Lord always watching over us and that I was able to listen to the promptings. We are truly blessed in all things.

Day 5                                          
I am grateful for our kitties, they always make us laugh and smile and come snuggle with us when we need it most. They are a true blessing in our lives and were our first kids. They will always be members of our little family and we are happy that they came into our lives.
Day 6
I am grateful for the good hearted people in this world. There is an organization here in Northern Colorado called "Sweet dreams in a bag" started by this lady who had a broken childhood and wanted other kids to find comfort in their beds like she did. They came to our apartment complex because it is low income housing and we were able to volunteer by helping the kids pick out their own bed set. It was so sweet to see how grateful these kids were and happy to feel loved. 

Day 7 
I am grateful for our home. We were very lucky to get into this apartment, it is probably the cheapest and nicest place in Fort Collins, and we certainly couldn't afford anything else. It was divine intervention that helped us get in here and I am so grateful that we have a roof over our heads. 

Day 8
I am grateful for our jobs, even though we are struggling right now with work and school and making ends meet. We have had everything we need and even more. We are truly blessed!

Day 9
I am grateful for my education, I have been going to school since 2010 and even though its been hard trying to pay for it, everything has worked out and I am truly blessed that I have been able to get as far as I have in my degree. Hopefully after the baby is born I can continue to pursue my educational goals.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Grateful Thirty-Day1

Well I am joining the millions out there who are blogging, facebooking,  tweeting, and otherwise sharing how grateful they are during the month of November.


Today I am grateful for my sweet baby that I get to carry for the next 28 weeks, even though its been a rough twelve so far but its going to be worth it when I get to hold him/her in my arms and watch them grow. I am also grateful that my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with such a precious bundle of joy and that my loving husband is excited to be a daddy. I know that he will be a great one! I love my little family
Ultra sound at 10 weeks