Friday, April 18, 2014


ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to post saying what we are having!

As of today I have less than five weeks til our little miss sunshine is due! It has been a wild ride being pregnant! Never thought that would be a way to express my feelings about pregnancy. But here it is, last doctors visit we had a scare because I had not grown between the last two two-week visits so my OB ordered an ultra sound to check her out and we got to see our little one for the first time since we found out she was a she! And let me tell you, she is an adorable little thing haha. She actually had the hiccups during the ultra sound and had all three of us (Craig, me and our ultra sound tech) laughing,  because it was so cute! Poor thing though, she did get that from me...  But all is well with her and she is doing great, I am apparently a very small pregnant woman. No complaints here, if I can do it this way two or three more times I will consider it a huge accomplishment. Even though the your too small comments get kinda old, its worth it to know I did my best to give her the best start possible. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that I have been given to be this precious baby's momma. It is a blessing and a gift and I will never take it for granted.

Here are some belly pictures to catch you up on the last few months. Sorry for the bad shots, I suck at  "selfies". And I am not good at keeping track. Love you all you still read my not updated at all blog....

34 Weeks

33 weeks

30 Weeks

28 Weeks I think?

26 weeks?

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