Thursday, October 24, 2013

This is a popular thing for people who suck at updating their blog... CATCH UP TIME!

So its time to play catch up, we are now in Colorado, we are loving it and we both have jobs! Miraculously! We have a wonderful one year anniversary June 2, 2013, ate our cake topper, went to Red Robin(our favorite) and split a burger and consumed an appropriate amount of bottomless french fries, amazing! Went on a walk in our favorite part of town. But mostly just enjoyed each others company.
Next thing we know we are saying goodbye to Tucson forever! We had so many adventures, from hiking Mount Lemon, to finding strange animals in the middle of the night, to making random trips to ABQ and PHX and Vegas to visit our families and spend good times with friends. As you can see Craig was having fun with this little guy and declared that we should take him to Colorado with us since he was so friendly to him.... I was not having that by the way...
We left June 17th or so because I had a job interview and we were trying to get into our apartment... trying being the optimum word... we were missing some paper work that we had to get in to them before they would give us the keys.... We thought that it all went through... haha joke was on us. We got there, couldn't move in... and lived in our car for like three days. All while I was starting my job... haha ya. Plus we had our gold fish in little baggies because we thought they would get to go into the tank when we got there.... Nope they ended up spending the nights hanging in the car window. One night, we were outside the church building, pretty much asleep and this cop came knocking on our window... he saw our gold fish, barely alive hanging in bags and  must have felt sorry for us or something and let us stay the night since we were supposed to move in the next day... Ya people are nice in Colorado :) Blessings and a cop with  a funny story to tell his buds. 
Our apartment home with Cutie modeling
    So we were able to move in and Craig's parents (who were kind enough to help us move from Tucson, and than keep our stuff at their house until we could move in) drove our stuff up the next day from Rio Rancho, NM. We got all settled and were able to spend some extra time with them before they left. I really am lucky to have two sets of amazing parents. 
Becky and Charlie Miller, and us love these amazing people!
Here are some pics of the adventures we have had so far :) Enjoy!

Craig's a squirrel whisperer, cheese itz!

Avery Park

Cutie on our walk

MY Monkey Man

Sugar and her amazing tree climbing skills, it helped that there were branches like every 6 inches

Horsetooth Lake, a five minute drive... Awesome views

We found Bambi!

A huge sun flower that I found on one of my morning jogs, Craig thought that it was fake!

This is a part of Horse Tooth Falls, it wasn't flowing but it looks like a heart... nerdy wife moment.

And ya... that is a golden eagle... we got closer pictures but you have to
zoom in a bit and I couldn't quite figure out how to do it on the blog.

This is Devils Back Bone open space,
the better part of the park is still closed because of the flooding


Well that is all folks, thanks for reading! :)

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