Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey! we're Craig and Meghan.
This is one of the most beautiful parts of thatcher. The Gila Bend.
 Well to all who know us, yes I've started blogging our life. I don't know how on top of it I will be but I will do my very best. So if you don't know us, here is our story.... We were both going to school in Thatcher, AZ at Eastern Arizona College. Both studying different majors and both busy with different things. Craig was an accounting major from New Mexico, was on the golf team and spent all of his spare time studying and practicing golf. I was Vet Science Major from Gilbert, AZ, worked at a a local Vet Clinic, and spent all of my spare time studying and hanging out with my roommates and various other people who traveled through our little blue house. It was chance really, that we met... luckily my roommate Macy was good friends with Craig and happened to bring him over one night to hang out after a volleyball game. I was busy studying for my Spanish Final with my friend Andrea when he walked in... that was kind of it for me. He flashed me that winning smile of his and I was a goner. He volunteered to help us study for the final since it was oral and we made a game out of the flash cards we were using. Somehow he won the game(even though he doesn't know any Spanish... he must have cheated). But when we finished studying he went over to talk to Macy while we studied for something else. All night long I kept catching him looking at me and than we would both blush and laugh. Later on after everyone else went to bed. He stayed and talked with me till three in the morning. We talked about everything.. I don't know how, but I immediately trusted him with my thoughts that I couldn't seem to share with anyone else. (We later decided that we must have been the same way in the preexistence). After that night we were inseparable for the two weeks we had til he moved home for the summer. We went to the Temple to do baptisms, he took me to the Golf course and taught me how to chip and putt and kissed me on our second date:). And we talked for hours every night, usually under the stars. Sadly, when our two weeks were up and he was all packed to head home. We decided to have one more night out under the stars. He was going to leave after an early round of golf the next day so we probably wouldn't be able to say goodbye. I was dreading him leaving... but was grateful for the short time we had together. We promised we would keep in touch and parted ways.
This is us during a hike on Mt. Graham in Thatcher... we didn't know till later, but we were lost!

         Well he let me know when he got home and  we talked on the phone for about three hours. Which became our nightly routine. And before I knew it, we made plans for him to come back and visit (we used the excuse of Macy getting married, but we were only at the wedding for a short time). Two weeks later, I came down to Albuquerque for a late birthday. And two weeks after that, he came back to Thatcher looking for a job and got one. So we spent maybe a month apart before he moved back. Funny how four months turned into one and and a half. 
 We dated causally and than seriously for about seven months and he (finally) proposed Jan 7, 2011. Happy New Year to us! We we sealed in the Mesa Temple on June 2nd and have the happiest life together:)

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